Styling a T-shirt dress Ft.!

“When you’re young, your whole life is about the pursuit of fun. But then, you grow up and learn to be more cautious that you could break a bone or a….. heart. You always look before you leap and sometimes you don’t leap at all because there’s not always someone there to catch you. And in life, there’s not always a safety net. When did it stop being fun and start being scary?”  – Carrie Bradshaw . What does this have to do with my T-shirt dress? 

Getting there….. #JustThinkingOutLoud

What’s a T-shirt dress you question? Well, it’s what it sounds like, it’s a tee that’s long enough to be considered to be a dress.

I’ll keep this short and simple, it’s not a wardrobe must-have for sure, but with athleisure trending like wildfire, it sure is gonna be. Not a fan of the trend? Well then go for it, for the comfort that comes with it. Coz, winter is surely coming but not soon enough in Mumbai and the afternoons are still the same old sweaty and humid, and this number from Bewakoof is surely gonna keep you in a breezy place.

I was in a mood for some fun, and thus I have opted for a simple color palette with this T-shirt dress or monochrome you can say along with minimal makeup and accessories, and my fav part – two ponytails. That hairstyle sure does take me back to my school days – free and no care in the world phase! Ummmm having said that not sure I am a  very responsible adult now, but hey another story another post. Coming to this one, it was my day off and so it was a no pants no heels day either and I went for my fav kicks. Above all, if you are trying this trend too, then don’t you hold back from dressing up and working the outfit with some killer stilettos or knee-high boots. It’s a total head turner I tell ya.

Coz just because you’re not playing in the game this weekend, doesn’t mean you can’t dress for it.

Styling a T-shirt dress Ft.!

Styling a T-shirt dress Ft.!

Styling a T-shirt dress Ft.!

Styling a T-shirt dress Ft.!

Styling a T-shirt dress Ft.!

Styling a T-shirt dress Ft.!

Attire details :

Dress –  .

Shoes – Adidas Superstar .

Apart from the T-shirt dress, you can also check out the site for Crop Tops, Shorts, and Sweatshirts for women.

Also, they have some really cool collection for Men too – Men’s T-Shirt, Pajamas for Men, Denim Jeans , Sweatpants , and Sweatshirt.

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