Styling a sweater dress!

There’s the thing about coffee shops, you’ll always need them. You are going to need cafes and sunsets. Some crazy road trips and memorable sunrises. Then that’s the bittersweet thing about airports. Flights and passports and some oldies and some new songs, but most importantly people than anything else. Sometimes you’ll need other people and more often than that you will need to be that other person to someone else, a living breathing screaming invitation for them to believe in a better tomorrow. 

When the weather is pleasant and chilly, a sweater dress is one of the most versatile pieces to be found in your closet, and for me, it’s one of my winter love things. You can also call it a jumper dress or knitted dress, but I love the name sweater dress more, it adds a more comfy feel to it. But whatever the name, the reason to love it more is, after all the winter weight we do put on, this dress adds a very figure flattering feel, and who doesn’t love that with all the cookies and pasta and pizza and wine in you.

And sweater dress with boots and coffee is just pure love. As we are bidding goodbye to Mumbai winters, Imma gonna wear it till I can.

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My Styling story of the sweater dress:

I have paired my sweater dress with these mid-calf boots. They have got a warmer inside and keeps you totally warm and fuzzy. If it does fail to do that, well thus there’s coffee.

You can wear it to a casual wine and dine, a brunch or for when you are just hanging out and it’s a bit chilly but you also wanna be cozy and be killing it at the same time.


Styling a sweater dress!

Styling a sweater dress!

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Styling a sweater dress!

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Styling a sweater dress!


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