About me

Welcome to my blog The.N.rage


Ok so let’s just all pretend it’s a really clever bio:
I am Namrata Yadav.
From an IT student to my stint with preparing for Civil Services and changing my career again to creative writing, content writing, content marketing, social media marketing, I landed up on my own blog.
From raiding my mum’s closet and draping her dupatta as an elegant evening wear, my fashion journey has come a far way. My eye for spotting the current trends and finding the edge to blend it with my style has gotten me here.
When I am not blogging I am found reading, binge watching or on a mini get-away. As cliché as it sounds, I love exploring places and moreover satisfying my appetite with all the cuisines, which is never ending.

Leggings are pants.
Hunger is an emotion.
Sherlock Holmes is immortal.
Red Lipstick and Wine are a way of life.
Fashion is about being comfortable in your own skin and no one said anything about high heels. #DealWithIt.

Goals: To wear all the styles that they have to offer a girl, create something of my own and let nobody tell me any other way.

Constant fear : Life has been a dream till now, don’t ever get boring.

Mantra : If you are going to be weird, be confident about it.





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