Safi – The Perfect Blood Detox And Cleanse!

You can’t control everything in your life, but you can definitely control what you put in your body” – Mom.


I am sure all our mommies and grannies say that in different words but then they eventually mean the same thing. And mine is no different, just in addition to all the ‘lectures’, my mum used to pull off a variety of stunts to make me eat clean and healthy, make sure I always have sun-protection in a herbal way, make sure I stay off junk food and sweets at night time and use all tricks in her box to make me drink the variety of kadhas and weird tonics. In my teens, I was very close to believing she is on a mission to kill me with her army with her herbal meds. I always believed that is one of her ways of being even with me, as I was a wild child. But then she also regularly spoilt me with chocolates, and never-ending shopping spree of new outfits, shoes, and makeup and I loved her even more.

Why am I talking about it? Well, it’s because I am going to tell you the skincare regime my grandma and my mother had put me on when I hit puberty. It consisted of consuming a lot of veggies, minimal junk food, cleansing-toning-mosturising and SAFI.

Safi - The Perfect Blood Detox And Cleanse!

I used to dread this drink when I was a kid. But I was a very plumpy kid, majorly insecure about her weight and with acne all over my face. I was desperate to try anything and I decided to put faith in my mum’s nagging saying, “Safi is good for you” and drank this daily with warm water for 21 days. And believe me when I tell you this, I haven’t stopped until today.

Do I like the taste yet? Well, the taste is the last thing on my mind when I think of the wonders this product does to my body. Back then, I was a teen hitting puberty, but now I am a 20 something woman, living in one of the most polluted cities in the world, travelling by local trains at times, applying all sorts of products on my face, guilty of sleeping in it without removing and having a never-ending affair with junk food! Well, I don’t do anything women of my age don’t do, but then we all face a lot of problems too.

So why do we need Safi – the herbal blood detox and cleanser?

Safi - The Perfect Blood Detox And Cleanse!

Let’s focus on what happens when you don’t use it. Your blood constantly pumps through your body bringing nutrients which are vital for life and health. Unfortunately, your blood can also carry damaging toxins which work against the body’s functions. Acne is one of the signs that the blood is carrying damaging toxins which are not being properly cleaned out by the liver. When the body notices that the liver isn’t cleaning the blood, it seeks to get rid of the toxins another way. The toxins will often be released through the skin and will show up as pimples or other skin disorders such as age spots and eczema. These skin problems are the body’s alternate way of purifying the blood or ridding the blood of poisonous toxins.

These toxins are found regularly in our food, air, and the lifestyles we live in. Our food additives, water pollutants, and poor nutrition all work to overwhelm the liver. With herbs called blood purifiers and alternatives we can strengthen the liver and aid this organ in cleaning the blood or pushing the toxins out. Although widely misunderstood, cleansing the blood is probably one of the most important weapons in the alternative health arsenal for achieving optimum wellness.

I am literally in love with this product, I have been using it for since quite sometime now n it's really doing wonders to my skin. My skin is clear now and there are no signs of new acne, so yeah it really works. This natural blood purifier is all a gal needs to keep balance between her hectic life and taking good care of her skin and body. @hamdardsafiindia takes out all the toxins from the blood n leaves us with a stronger immune system and glowing skin! So yaay ✨💫 More about this wonderful product and my experience with it is now on the blog, link in the bio. Go check it out ! . . . #RagonMeinKhoobsurati . #TheNrage #FashionBlogger #HumdardSafi #ethnicwear #potrait #fashion #Safi #fashiondiaries #Detox #Cleanse #TheNrageXhamdardSafi #skincare #skincareroutine

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And thus Safi, from the trusted brand of Hamdard. This blood purifier has been in the market for decades. It guarantees a pimple free skin in just 21 days and also cures blemishes, acne, vulgaris, rashes, urticaria, etc. This unani based medicine is available without a prescription and is purely ayurvedic. The major contents that Senna, Revand Chini, Neem, Chiraita, Tulsi which help in keeping stomach clear, purifying the blood, improving liver function, promoting cell repair, better skin conditioning, and improving blood circulation and for 95 INR for 200 ML I say it’s a steal.

So take care of your body, it’s the only place where you have to live in forever!

Safi - The Perfect Blood Detox And Cleanse!

Well, I’ll always be a Safi gal!

Photography – Arpita Sansetwar. 

Until next time……. XOXO




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