Keeping Up With The Slit Maxi Dress!

In this story, your mother isn’t the villain.
In this story, you find a way to climb out of the tower yourself.
In this story, you’re angry.
In this story, you meet a dragon and it is afraid of you.
In this story, you don’t need to be saved.
In this story, your mother raised you to recognize a prison from a home.
In this story, they don’t fall in love with you before they know you.
In this story, they aren’t better than you.
In this story, you have claws.
In this story, happily ever after has bite marks in it.
In this story, you are free and terrifying.
In this story, you bleed.
In this story, you survive. – Caitlyn Seihl.

My element for drama being satisfied, let’s talk about the love affair of slit maxi dresses, florals, and summers. Aaah, the combination of those three things do make me feel better making me forget about the rising temperature of the city. Either that or the cold matcha expresso I am having while writing this article who knows, but it’s working.

If you are spending time in Mumbai, the heat has an added benefit of humidity making summer not quite the season you would love. At the same time making the slit maxi dress a summer essential than just summer optional. And I can’t stress enough the love for everything maxi, like my last post. One can’t really ignore the comfort of a maxi dress paired with flats but lemme remind you chica, comfort ain’t getting you any style points. And I was in a mood for getting all dressed up which often leaves no space for comfort meaning high heels. I agree heels do kill me at the same time making me look hot, meaning I ain’t stepping out in flats in this dress.

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My styling story:

I have worn this gorgeous slit maxi dress with a pair of black-tie up stilettoes. I love the slit it has which is frontways rather than sideways, making it a proper brunch worthy outfit and not just a party going thing. The dress is dramatic enough so I laid low on accessories and just put on a wrist watch and a bracelet. I have completed the look with bold color lips matching the dress and some gold eyeshadow. I loved the outcome.

Keeping Up With The Slit Maxi Dress!

Keeping Up With The Slit Maxi Dress!

Keeping Up With The Slit Maxi Dress!

Keeping Up With The Slit Maxi Dress!

Keeping Up With The Slit Maxi Dress!

Keeping Up With The Slit Maxi Dress!

Outfit Details:

Maxi Dress – Aaliya.

Photography – Anup Surve.

Location Courtesy – Peninsula Grand.

Until next time……. XOXO




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