The Go To App For any Foodie – Bubblo.

As a child of internet savvy generation, my love-hate relationship with technology is ever growing, and it’s safe to say it mostly love. So, as someone who is obsessed with internet and food, it’s a no-brainier I am on a lookout for a new food app always. Our obsession with #FoodPorn is pretty palpable, we love to Instagram and tweet our ever-so-perfect meals, the all-consuming dining experience, the new found brunch place or coffee at that cozy cafe. At the same time we are also on a constant lookout for new and untapped places, or wondering where is everyone going this weekend. Gone are the day’s the foodie in us would ask a friend for a suggestion, we are now on the constant hunt for newer apps, and one such latest find for me is the Bubblo app.

My liking of an app is pretty simple and I am very demanding of it. It’s supposed to make my life more convenient while the result should be the outcome of a creative process. Something that just gets’s you. The Bubblo app does exactly that, it kicks off with creativity and concludes with convenience. It’s safe to say it does more than expected.

What do I love about it?

  1. It’s a real-time discovery app and the interface is very visual.
  2. It helps you discover a place before you even step foot in there.
  3. The app gives you the real-time feel about how crowded or empty a place is at the given point of time.
  4. It lets you filter your options based on distance, price, venue, cuisine and narrows it down to top 5 choices.
  5. Obviously, it’s a very cool way to discover any place to hang out- restaurant, bar or a club.

We are a generation that’s constantly on the move and our actions are constantly governed by our mood, we are pretty random and seldom plan anything. All I am saying is next time you are on the move, struck in a traffic or just suddenly make a plan to hang out, go on the Bubblo app and it’ll filter 5 top choices of a coffee shop, restaurant, club or a bar according to your customized options. Sure you can filter a choice based on the price, type of venue and cuisine, but what I like the most is I can be sure that I won’t be disappointed by the final choice. You know exactly what you are getting into.

If you have been following me on my Instagram, you would know how the app has helped me locate certain places in times of need, just in case you didn’t check out the particular post, here it is.

So I was in Juhu and was looking for something diff to do n was craving for a good cup of coffe n pasta… There are literally tons of options in there n one can get really confused… So I got onto this app @bubbloapp and narrowed down my search to @prithvicafe … You have got to give it to this place… Open terrace, setting sun, lights comming up and the music… With awesome food lovelies… There's too many college memories attached to it and going there again was just pure love! All thanks to @bubbloapp .. . . #fashionblogger #foodie #pasta #coffee #irishcoffee #coffeeholics #loveforcoffee #foodstagram #foodporn #desert #coffeeholic #sweettooth #prithvicafe #thingstodoinmumbai #mumbai #indianblogger #thenrage

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Final Verdict:

Getting the app –   Pretty simple.

Look and Feel-      Intriguing and elegant.

Performance-        It’s the perfect food finder for the foodie.

My take on it –       It’s an app for any foodie out there.

Do download the app, and lemme know how was your experience with it.

You can also find it on – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

Until next time……. XOXO




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