FOMO to Jomo: The Love-Hate Relationship of Gen Z

We are a generation who wanna do things that are unconventional or termed risky by others but seem pretty normal to us. We are a generation who wanna do things by our own and break the “norms” of the society. We don’t really wanna make noise doing it, we just wanna break free and let everyone be at peace at the same time. We are generation Z and we have many names as you call us – Gen Z, iGeneration, Net Gen…

We work really hard to succeed in this chaotic life as we know what it takes to, we also know to let our hair down and party, catch up with our squad, maintain our family and love life and we take vacations, and we do most of it online. That’s a bit of a problem you see, in an era accosted by gourmet meals, crazy parties, brunches-and-sundowners at exotic locations and vacations  and just the sheer awesomeness of being updated about everyone we talk or stalk – hello there Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter we couldn’t be more aware of what everyone is up to.

That is when it triggers, the anxiety attack-

FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out

What you’ve never felt it? Well then I’ll tell you a hypothetical incidence and towards the end you still are the Buddhist Monk you claim to be, stop reading:

You are at home Friday night and you decide to peace out. Maybe a quiet dinner by yourself and  catch up something on Netflix or a book to read with a glass of Merlot and you decide to call it a night. You are in middle of dinner and innocently scroll your social-media feed and you see stuff!! And there it is – A Sushi platter with a very non-accidental wine bottle lurking in the background, someone getting wasted in a very hip club-opening and again the non-accidental dance-floor flash,a group of friends you don’t even like much going for a late night movie, someone you hate at a wine tasting and at this stage you wanna throw your dinner in the sink and run. That’s FOMO. You freak out that you will miss out on all of the awesomeness.

FOMO to Jomo: The Love-Hate Relationship of Gen Z

You either RSVP to where ever you have decided to go or you Instagram your bottle and say “nothing is better than a quiet evening at your pad” AND THEN JUST KEEP SULKING.

The reality is you probably hate Sushi, you don’t wanna be partying today as you have plans tomorrow, you can’t bare the friends at the movie and you do have a bottle of wine at home, then why this sudden rush of feelings?

Even Alia Bhatt agrees it’s her biggest fear too:

One of my biggest fears! @sonamkapoor #FearVsNeerja #BiggishFear

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Well fear not because here are 5 steps to avoid it:


FOMO to Jomo: The Love-Hate Relationship of Gen Z

No, you cannot be the coolest one doing the coolest thing at every hour of the day. Even Iron Man doesn’t. There are going to be times where you’re gonna be on top of the world with the best of the people and some days you will rest back and chill out, and that has to be okay with you.

2.Soldier Down Situation:

FOMO to Jomo: The Love-Hate Relationship of Gen Z

You can’t win FOMO. Even the people in the pictures eliciting jealousy by the most picture perfect moments of fun, drama and fashion clubbed together don’t win over it. You gotta admit that it takes too much of time, texts, emails, social media bonding – literally blood and sweat to be at the right place, with the right people at the right time. Yes, you do enjoy it, but there are times for it and then there are times you have to do what’s needed of you. Unless you are Bruce Wayne or have his sort of inheritance. Nah.. even he’s got stuff to do and parties are just a cover.

3.Blame Graham Bell:

FOMO to Jomo: The Love-Hate Relationship of Gen Z

For the very curse Alexender graham Bell bought on the mankind, the utter belief that it’s possible to be present in more than one place at a given time. How about no! Yes, it’s a boon, but definitely not the smartphones.We the proud owners of the smartest ones available in the market make the exact reverse use of the intended technology and have started to live virtually. It’s great, but then there are situations when hell breaks loose and we slip.


FOMO to Jomo: The Love-Hate Relationship of Gen Z

After you have vented on technology, it’s time you admit it’s not the technology’s fault. It’s also neither you poor phone’s fault and definitely not Mark Zuckerbergs fault. It’s the fault of definitely whoever did the wiring of our brain. Newsflash :Faulty. And coming back to FOMO,  it’s as old as the times when Vampires were still humans. Get the drill? It’s always been there. And just like it took the Apple to specifically fall on Newton’s head to discover gravity, the same way in our age it took Twitter to give us the hashtag letting Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr to make it more widespread.

5.Complete Surrender:

The last stage is about the blissful acceptance that FOMO might not completely go away. And no, you need not discard your cell phone but actually, learn the act of balance. Not necessarily by yoga, though it might do wonders!

For instance, next time you pick up your phone and start scrolling and series of pictures pop-up – someone at the beach listening to music hand-in-hand with his girlfriend(Ughhh)…. someone at Greece re-doing the Murad Osman pose wearing the flowy Channel gown(with a total stranger maybe, but I wanted to do it with my Boyfriend). And then there is a picture of a friend flying First Class to the Heathrow airport(208 likes). That is when it hits, your inferiority complex is at it’s prime, having fed on #RelationshipGoals #FOMO, #Travel #DreamPicture #ExclusiveRetail #FOMO, #High-Flying #Fomo.

FOMO to Jomo: The Love-Hate Relationship of Gen Z

This is when you need to implement Complete Surrender. That those are none of the things that you can’t have but today is gonna be the day that you won’t do anything Instagrammable. Tonight you will complete your night shift eating the cold pasta from the office canteen and call it a day. When the time comes you will embrace your moments(with an attempt to inflict #FOMO on others ), but today you will just experience JOMO.

Jomo – The Joy Of Missing Out.

Because every time you fear missing out, you are missing the moment you are in. And the very reason you suffer from insecurity is you compare your behind-the-scenes with everyone’s highlight reel.

Darling you can do ANYTHING, just not EVERYTHING. 

Until next time… XOXO




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