Earning the extra moolah via Influencer.in!

In 2017, the digital era influencer marketing is taking a prominent spot in the marketers’ toolkit. But running an effective influencer program is both an art and a science. 

How do fashion bloggers make money? This is a question every budding fashion blogger wants to know. I find all my mother’s friends asking my mom, “So all she does is click pictures?” Well, that is not true. There is a lot of effort that goes into creating good content for your readers.  There are a lot of ways of earning money through – sponsored blog posts, sponsored social media posts, events, etc

I am just a year and two months old in the blogging world. I am still on a journey of discovering new ways to monetize what I do as a blogger or as an influencer. It’s about finding out what work I choose for myself, what brands I would like to promote, and how I wish to share that with my audience.

The content on the blog is always free for the readers.  Another way to monetize one’s blog will be through Google Display Ads. This would involve driving a lot of traffic to your website for Google to choose your website to display Ads related to the content on your Blog.  Bloggers and Influencers are always on the hunt for brands who are interested in leveraging their social media platforms for their marketing strategy.

What is Influencer.in:

Earning the extra moolah via Influencer.in!

There are a lot of influencer marketing platforms you can find on the internet. One such platform is Influencer.in. It’s a Chennai-based company, a product of Social beat. It is one of the India’s leading influencer marketing platform. It bridges the gap between an influencer and a brand wherein it lets the blogger/influencer choose only the assignments they want to work on. The blogger can do this from the comfort of their rooms and then get paid for the work done. Well, I definitely like that.

Why Influencer.in:

For bloggers who are just starting out, contacting a well-established brand directly is an exhausting task.  After a lot of trouble even if you do reach out to the brand, pitching to them, striking a deal, closing the deal, and then even after working on it, you have to follow up multiple times for the payment. I am not saying that is not doable. It definitely is, but it’s time-consuming for sure. This is where Influencer.in comes into the picture. It streamlines the whole process for you. This surely helps the blogger. All the blogger has to do is focus on the creativity part.

Why is it better:

It’s a platform where bloggers and influencers sign up for campaigns that fit their niche of work. Also, the brands are on a look out for influencers who would help promote their product or service. Matching this can be tricky. Influencer.in has managed to strike the right balance.  They always strive to maintain good relationships with the brand and the bloggers to help both meet their objectives.

My experience with it:

I have been introduced to a lot of brands while working with Influencer.in in the past six months. One such campaign was the JewelMaze campaign. It was a very smooth process wherein I just had to apply for the campaign on their website with my quote for the campaign. It was approved, and the products were sent to my house. I created content, did my shoot and shared the draft post for their approval.  Once the client approved my post, I published it on my blog.  I shared the analytics of the post with them and Voila! I was compensated in no time!

There are a lot of influencer marketing platforms you may come across on the internet, but the reason I like Influencer.in the very is simple, it’s all about the money baby. No am not quoting the famous song by Meja but just simply stating the fact. The reason why we all work. Yes validation, yes passion, yes respect, but that isn’t paying the bills, honey. After you have completed your assignment for the campaign and posted it, the mutually agreed upon amount is deposited in your bank within 10 working days.  Sometimes I have received the payment in just 5 working days. So yeah, it’s definitely a plus.

Have you worked with the portal? If yes I would like to hear from you!

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