On The City Bench

“Romance for her was not just one thing. It was all-around – in the trees, in the dew-drops stuck to window panes, in the dark skies before rain, in squirrels hiding their food, in the falling leaves of Autumn, or a breezy summer afternoon…. She loved to sit on a city bench and imagine the stories of the passer-bys. And meeting her, his entire world changed! He was used to seeing the world black and white, and people were just flashing beams of colors…. blurry. But then she walked into his life, and his world slowed down, not so much as to make sense, but the blurry flashes became people with stories…. People with hearts. People like you and me! “

Well, that’s just how I describe my look.. A hopeless romantic at heart, what do I do.

By the way, how long it’s been you actually sat on a bench? We sure did it back in our days, when we were kids, but then we just got busy. Well, I”ll tell you, it’s no out of the world experience for sure, but once in a while take a walk on those less crowded streets, or just sit on that lonely bench by the street, unplugging yourself from the city brouhaha and just sit still for some time. In a city that never sleeps, it’s quite wise at times to be still at least. Listening to music, or just watching the sunset.

Simple things in life do bring little joys. Be it for just 10 mins then!

And for my look details:

This gorgeous pleated skater dress from BOOHOO sure fits like a perfect summer dream. Dating back to 70’s bell-sleeves are known for the drama they bring in any outfit – they are fun and here to stay. I think the dress makes a perfect pre-monsoon statement too. It’s breezy, it’s fun. I paired the dress with a chunky chain and gladiators, both black. I know black goes with anything, but with this outfit it surely gives an edge. And, I am happy with how it all turned out.

On The City Bench


On The City Bench

On The City Bench



Outfit Details :

Dress – BOOHOO

Black Stilettoes – Forever 21

Neckpiece – Forever 21

Photography : Picturesque Art Works

Until next time……. XOXO




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  1. Namrata, your writing is really impressive and demonstrate the reality you wanna envisage through this blog.
    Impressing tools and pictures.
    Best luck for your blog.

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