Look Book

Color Me Pink This Valentine – Look-book 1

You can put a stamp on Valentine’s day celebration as another Hallmark inspired idea or another stupid excuse to buy flowers, chocolates or expensive champagne. But, there’s no denying this day is a perfect excuse to wear a perfectly hot and sexy outfit. No matter you are going on a romantic date or downing vodka with your single friends or by yourself. Thus, color me pink this valentine!

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Styling a sweater dress!

There’s the thing about coffee shops, you’ll always need them. You are going to need cafes and sunsets. Some crazy road trips and memorable sunrises. Then that’s the bittersweet thing about airports. Flights and passports and some oldies and some new songs, but most importantly people than anything else. Sometimes you’ll need other people and more often than that you will need to be that other person to someone else, a living breathing screaming invitation for them to believe in a better tomorrow. 

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Go Glam This New Year’s Eve, With A Sequin Dress!

New Year’s Eve A.K.A the next best reason to look your top-notch self. So, you got the party invites either to a beach party, a club, an open-lawn thingy, a black-tie affair or whatever a party, and all you did was chill and thought it’ll all sort itself until it’s 6 in the evening, you haven’t got your outfit decided, nails undone and hair is a mess……. Yep, been there done that for all major events of my life…. So here’s a NYE glam up hack – a gold sequin dress.

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