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Keeping Up With The Slit Maxi Dress!

In this story, your mother isn’t the villain.
In this story, you find a way to climb out of the tower yourself.
In this story, you’re angry.
In this story, you meet a dragon and it is afraid of you.
In this story, you don’t need to be saved.
In this story, your mother raised you to recognize a prison from a home.
In this story, they don’t fall in love with you before they know you.
In this story, they aren’t better than you.
In this story, you have claws.
In this story, happily ever after has bite marks in it.
In this story, you are free and terrifying.
In this story, you bleed.
In this story, you survive. – Caitlyn Seihl.

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Color Me Pink This Valentine – Look-book 1

You can put a stamp on Valentine’s day celebration as another Hallmark inspired idea or another stupid excuse to buy flowers, chocolates or expensive champagne. But, there’s no denying this day is a perfect excuse to wear a perfectly hot and sexy outfit. No matter you are going on a romantic date or downing vodka with your single friends or by yourself. Thus, color me pink this valentine!

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