The Go To App For any Foodie – Bubblo.

As a child of internet savvy generation, my love-hate relationship with technology is ever growing, and it’s safe to say it mostly love. So, as someone who is obsessed with internet and food, it’s a no-brainier I am on a lookout for a new food app always. Our obsession with #FoodPorn is pretty palpable, we love to Instagram and tweet our ever-so-perfect meals, the all-consuming dining experience, the new found brunch place or coffee at that cozy cafe. At the same time we are also on a constant lookout for new and untapped places, or wondering where is everyone going this weekend. Gone are the day’s the foodie in us would ask a friend for a suggestion, we are now on the constant hunt for newer apps, and one such latest find for me is the Bubblo app.

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There is jewellery for every occasion!

I never worry about diets, the only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond. – Mae West.

Jewellery- the one-true-love of every woman, be it of any age. When you say jewellery in India though, your instant reaction is a picture of a very beautiful bride, wearing a heavier-than-life outfit, totally loaded with what seems like wearing a jewellery shop itself. Well, how much ever we mock it, deep-down we sure love to don that outfit, that blingy jewellery and be the centre of attraction for a day.

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