Go Glam This New Year’s Eve, With A Sequin Dress!

New Year’s Eve A.K.A the next best reason to look your top-notch self. So, you got the party invites either to a beach party, a club, an open-lawn thingy, a black-tie affair or whatever a party, and all you did was chill and thought it’ll all sort itself until it’s 6 in the evening, you haven’t got your outfit decided, nails undone and hair is a mess……. Yep, been there done that for all major events of my life…. So here’s a NYE glam up hack – a gold sequin dress.

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Trend Alert : RIO Olympics 2016 inspires F-world!

With just one day to go for RIO Olympics 2016, here’s how the mega event in Brazil is inspiring trends on the runway, streets – basically the entire fashion world.
India’s official uniform at the opening ceremony has not quite gone down well with many. The yellow  saree draped so elegantly looks just right, but whatever is the deal with that funky jacket. Result – some athletes carried it in hand.
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There is jewellery for every occasion!

I never worry about diets, the only carrots that interest me are the number of carats in a diamond. – Mae West.

Jewellery- the one-true-love of every woman, be it of any age. When you say jewellery in India though, your instant reaction is a picture of a very beautiful bride, wearing a heavier-than-life outfit, totally loaded with what seems like wearing a jewellery shop itself. Well, how much ever we mock it, deep-down we sure love to don that outfit, that blingy jewellery and be the centre of attraction for a day.

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9 Ways To Style An Off-Shoulder

Scorching heat calls for Lemonades, Mohitos, vibrant colours, a sexy tan and lets talk business – the Off-Shoulder. So gear up to shrug off those sleeves- as showing off your bare shoulders just got fashionable.

“Turns out, exposed collarbones and shoulders are the new bare midriff” – Vouge.

So ladies without much further ado, let’s see some simple and chic ways to show off your décolletage in an off-shoulder.

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Trend Alrert : Butterfly Lashes

She soars on Angel wings… and flies with butterflies…..

Puzzled? Well, I am just trying to start the topic on butterflies…

You thought Effie Trinket wearing Alexander McQueen in Catching Fire was the closest you were to your butterfly love? Well, it is indeed every little girl’s dream,

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