Bringing The Sexy Back – A lazy gal’s guide to be party-ready!

She got her daddy’s tongue and temper,
Sometimes her mouth could use a filter,
God shook his head the day he built her,
Oh, but I bet he smiled!

Hello, stunners! Hope you have been good. The quote? Well,  just my thing for a little drama. #BeenInThatStateOfMind. Well, today’s blog post is for the lazy gals out there and proud of it.

There are days when you dress-up, glam-up, doll-up and put in a lot of efforts pulling an outfit together and even patiently contour and then even style your hair for a party. We all do. We all love to. Then there are days when you have too many party invitations and that’s when the whole “dolled-up” thing gets boring.

Having one of those too-many-parties-to-attend phase, and bored with LBD’s and skater dresses I ended up with this. It’s a tank top with an open back and I paired it with this sexy bralet. Bralets are totally the new cool for me, as you don’t have to worry about the straps lurking out from all the forbidden corners and again for the element of drama this one provides. The top totally deals with the Mumbai weather keeping you in you breezy place and pair it with shorts to be at your comfy best.

Bringing The Sexy Back

Having one of those bad-hair days? Opt for a top-bun and also coz what’s the point of an open back if you let your hair down. I completed the look with this choker I am totally crazy for these days and then some winged liner. Guess it turned out good in the end after all.

So, go ahead and try the look as Friday-is-totally-coming.

Bringing The Sexy Back

Bringing The Sexy Back

Bringing The Sexy Back


Bringing The Sexy Back

Bringing The Sexy Back

Bringing The Sexy Back

Outfit details:

Top – The Style Central

Shorts – Forever New

Boots – Forever 21

Until next time……. XOXO






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