Blame It On My Roots, I Showed Up In Boots

A  very warm welcome to my blog, it’s my first blog post, so please be kind and patient, I have been told those are the key elements, needed in abundant quantities to get a hang of me.

Moving on, what the song implied in the title? No no, I ain’t ruining any black tie affair, was just struggling very had to get ready for a Sunday brunch with my ladies, after a very long-late-n-tiring Saturday affair.

Apart from the lack of sleep and the evident hangover, what was really irritating me that day was the weather. Yes, the summers are about to start, but if you belong from Mumbai or have visited Mumbai during summers, you know all about the oppressive-humidity-stories. As a cumulative result to all that, I was in no mood to get ready and let alone be dolled up for the event.

Thinking of strongly-valid reasons to not show up and daydreaming of an afternoon nap, I am reminded of the weekend getting over. That thought is enough to get me off my bed, try the only  hangover remedy known to me, taking a relaxing shower and a high carb breakfast, I powered through to the dressing table!

Scanning my wardrobe for the gazillionth time, I did land on something to wear. #proudmoment. I picked up this maxi dress I got from Lifestyle stores of the brand AND by Anita Dongre. You have to give it to the magic of a printed maxi dress with a slit, it works its way even on those bloated-tummy-days. The fabric of this dress is very smooth and relaxing for summers and the fitting  highlights your curves in such a subtle way that you’ll fall in love with it. The slit adds to the drama and also keeps you in a breezy place. What can I say, it’s a perfect summer wear. I completed the look with my always go to brown suede boots from Carlton London and following my minimal approach, danglers and finger rings from Accessorize.


I took off from home, grabbed a nariyal-pani on the way, got done with the photo shoot and showed up at the brunch in my boots. It was a lovely afternoon with all my girl-gang sipping mojitos and sangrias, troubleshooting each other’s lives and witnessing everyone dressed in those bright summer colors. I wished I stayed back, but I am glad I showed up.


Have a look at the pictures:

Blame It On My Roots, I Showed Up In Boots

Blame It On My Roots, I Showed Up In Boots

Blame It On My Roots, I Showed Up In Boots

Blame It On My Roots, I Showed Up In Boots

Blame It On My Roots, I Showed Up In My Boots

Attire Details:

Printed Maxi Dress – Lifestyle Stores brand AND by Anita Dongre.

Brown Suede Boots – Carlton London.

Danglers and finger rings – Accessorize.

Makeup – Lakme absolute Mousse, Lakme absolute Lipstick.

XOXO… Until next time…..

#goodvibes #staystrong #ToTheStarsAndBeyond



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  1. Ohhhh My My!!!! u just killed it with the caption 😉 excellent work 🙂 keep rocking like this
    girl….good luck 😀

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