Namrata Yadav

Keeping Up With The Slit Maxi Dress!

In this story, your mother isn’t the villain.
In this story, you find a way to climb out of the tower yourself.
In this story, you’re angry.
In this story, you meet a dragon and it is afraid of you.
In this story, you don’t need to be saved.
In this story, your mother raised you to recognize a prison from a home.
In this story, they don’t fall in love with you before they know you.
In this story, they aren’t better than you.
In this story, you have claws.
In this story, happily ever after has bite marks in it.
In this story, you are free and terrifying.
In this story, you bleed.
In this story, you survive. – Caitlyn Seihl.

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The Go To App For any Foodie – Bubblo.

As a child of internet savvy generation, my love-hate relationship with technology is ever growing, and it’s safe to say it mostly love. So, as someone who is obsessed with internet and food, it’s a no-brainier I am on a lookout for a new food app always. Our obsession with #FoodPorn is pretty palpable, we love to Instagram and tweet our ever-so-perfect meals, the all-consuming dining experience, the new found brunch place or coffee at that cozy cafe. At the same time we are also on a constant lookout for new and untapped places, or wondering where is everyone going this weekend. Gone are the day’s the foodie in us would ask a friend for a suggestion, we are now on the constant hunt for newer apps, and one such latest find for me is the Bubblo app.

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