All about the different blouse designs from Craftsvilla for the drapes of desire!

I think the saree is one of the sexiest garments ever. It shows the right amount and covers the right amount, it’s such a tease. It’s again extremely versatile, suits every body type suits every face. It’s truly drapes of desire. 

Saree, the Indian girl’s drapes of desire or call it the magic drape is towards global domination for sure. Fashion fades, comes and goes but this traditional attire remains a classic. It lets you can either opt for a full blown traditional look with the bangles and bindi paired with traditional jewelry or opt for the modern take on it. The possibilities as to what you can do with a saree are endless. Take the recent look of Sonam Kapoor wearing the Masaba Gupta saree inspired outfit at Cannes Film Festival. I am still in awe of it.

What compliments a saree is a well fitting blouse, which I feel is mostly ignored. No matter how beautiful or gorgeous the free flowing cloth is, it’s beauty only pops out when it’s paired with an equally stunning blouse. In this fast paced lives, it really helps if you can just order a blouse on the click of a button from the comfort of your room. And, I have news. Craftsvilla has launched its new collection of designer blouses with some beautiful back neck designs and it’s everything we had ever wanted.

When deciding how to wear your saree the back neck design of a blouse plays a pivotal role. The general rule of thumb when picking a blouse to go with your saree is:

  • A heavily embellished saree needs to be paired with a simple and a classic cut well fitting blouse.
  • A simple plain saree of georgette, silk, lace or cotton needs to be paired with a blouse that has some work done on it.

But the fashion lover in me says to not to always follow the rules and mix and match. You never know what you might end up deciding.

My picks from the Craftsvilla’s new collection of blouse designs:

1. Black silk blouse:

All about the different blouse designs from Craftsvilla for the drapes of desire!

I liked this black silk blouse with zardozi work done on the neck, back and the sleeves. It has got a tear drop back. It would be great to pair it with a saree with a quirky print or you can also opt the monochrome way, and wear it with black saree itself. It’s a quite versatile option, it can be paired with a lehenga.

2.  Mirrors and tassels

Blouse Designs

This beige mirror work blouse is just dreamy. The back is sort of what they call rocket cut and the tassels add to it’s look. It can be paired with a simple and sophisticated saree to not risk overdoing it and you are sure to strut like a diva.

3. Addicted to black

Ethnic wear

This black silk sequined blouse with a horseshoe back is just perfect for all those cocktail events. You can pair it with a silk saree or a georgette and it will still look stunning. Although a quirky print saree will just bring the blouse to life.

4. Pretty in Pink

Pink sequin blouse

This embellished pink blouse with sequins and deep u cut at the back is just the right amount of pink needed for the attire. I love how it’s paired with this saree and saves you from looking like a candy. It’s perfect for any occasion but preferable as a brunch wear.

5. Backless

Backless blouse design

Backless blouses are a savior if you are looking to opt out of the whole traditional look. It’s a perfect party wear.

6. Gold and sheer

Best Fashion blogger

This black and golden blouse with pitta embroidery has a beautiful neck as pretty as it back. It’s a go-to option for all the silk sarees in the wardrobe.

7. Purple Fever

Best fashion blogger mumbai

This Purple blouse with the thread work has a stunning back neck design. It’s perfect for both night and day wear.

8. Mirror and sheer.

Pink blouse with mirror work

This pink silk blouse with mirror work on the front is just gorgeous. Also. the sheer on the back with buttons from top to bottom gives it the needed edge.

9. Heavier in Red

All about the different blouse designs from Craftsvilla for the drapes of desire!

This raw silk blouse is fabulous in the front but what will catch your eye is the heavy work on the back.

That was me and my take on the latest collection of blouses from Craftsvilla, I would like to know what you think of it.

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