May 2017

Street Style Inspiration at the Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour Mumbai

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Mumbai Was Totally Concert Ready

With the #BeiberFever spread far and loud. So, unless you are living under a rock, far off in a cave which is in a far off island without no-human trace anywhere you would be aware it was Justin Beiber’s concert yesterday at the D.Y. Patil stadium in Navi Mumbai. And around 50,ooo #belibers strutted in style to listen to the 23 year old pop sensation. 

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Keeping Up With The Slit Maxi Dress!

In this story, your mother isn’t the villain.
In this story, you find a way to climb out of the tower yourself.
In this story, you’re angry.
In this story, you meet a dragon and it is afraid of you.
In this story, you don’t need to be saved.
In this story, your mother raised you to recognize a prison from a home.
In this story, they don’t fall in love with you before they know you.
In this story, they aren’t better than you.
In this story, you have claws.
In this story, happily ever after has bite marks in it.
In this story, you are free and terrifying.
In this story, you bleed.
In this story, you survive. – Caitlyn Seihl.

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