August 2016

In a male-dominated country like India, it’s the women who make us proud!

Did you just cringe? Well, you shouldn’t have. The nation that sent 117 athletes – 63 men and 54 women, in the Rio Olympics 2016, owes both the medals earned to the women. The women who gave world-class performances, defying all odds and showing killer instincts while saving the country’s face from returning empty-handed.

Sure the nation remembers the contribution Abhinav Bindra, Yogeshwar Dutt, Narsingh Yadav, Jitu Rai, Sandeep Kumar, Gopi T, Kheta Ram, Sathish Sivalingam, Dattu Baban Bhokanal, but the reason I am writing this article is because how much ever we deny it, ours is a male dominated country and it’s the women who have excelled in spite of that.

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Trend Alert : RIO Olympics 2016 inspires F-world!

With just one day to go for RIO Olympics 2016, here’s how the mega event in Brazil is inspiring trends on the runway, streets – basically the entire fashion world.
India’s official uniform at the opening ceremony has not quite gone down well with many. The yellow  saree draped so elegantly looks just right, but whatever is the deal with that funky jacket. Result – some athletes carried it in hand.
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