May 2016

FOMO to Jomo: The Love-Hate Relationship of Gen Z

We are a generation who wanna do things that are unconventional or termed risky by others but seem pretty normal to us. We are a generation who wanna do things by our own and break the “norms” of the society. We don’t really wanna make noise doing it, we just wanna break free and let everyone be at peace at the same time. We are generation Z and we have many names as you call us – Gen Z, iGeneration, Net Gen…

We work really hard to succeed in this chaotic life as we know what it takes to, we also know to let our hair down and party, catch up with our squad, maintain our family and love life and we take vacations, and we do most of it online. That’s a bit of a problem you see, in an era accosted by gourmet meals, crazy parties, brunches-and-sundowners at exotic locations and vacations  and just the sheer awesomeness of being updated about everyone we talk or stalk – hello there Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter we couldn’t be more aware of what everyone is up to.

That is when it triggers, the anxiety attack-

FOMO – the Fear of Missing Out

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Mother’s Day Special – Crickters With Their Endearing Mothers

Aggressive , confident, dashing and zealous – they are the superstars of International Cricket and the Indian Cricket Team. But far off from the arclights and the pitch these cricketers dote their mommy dearest. From taking them on dinner dates to spending quality time with them, from buying a house to cooking for them, these fine gentlemen do know how to make their mothers feel the special ladies that they are.

And why not? After all, it takes a very determined and strong woman to turn these  young men into professional cricketers playing international matches. Without much further ado, on the eve of mother’s day, here’s some heart warming social-media updates of these cricketers with their endearing mothers:

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